Show art: Delaine Derry Green
August 8 to August 31, 2019


Written By: Bekah Brunstetter

Directed By: Cari Gisler Oliver

Set Design: Stephen Fister

Lighting Design: Scott Littleton


First up on Season 34 is THE CAKE by "This is Us" writer, Bekah Brunstetter.  Della makes cakes, not judgment calls – those she leaves to her husband, Tim. But when the girl she helped raise comes back home to North Carolina to get married, and the fiancé is actually a fiancée, Della’s life gets turned upside down. She can’t really make a cake for such a wedding, can she? For the first time in her life, Della has to think for herself.


"What's refreshing and heartening about The Cake is its characters' willingness to face their differences and limitations head-on [...] This is us as we could be, if we'd all just try a little harder." - Los Angeles Times  


"A singlarly savory dramedy that crystallizes a contentious issue and, with empathy for both sides, portrays it in an edifying and insightful way [...] I left the theater feeling moved and enlightened.” - Stage Raw   

Thu, Fri, and Sat nights at 8:00

Sundays (August 18 & 25) at 2:30

Al Cohn
as "Tim"
Holly Croney Dikeman
as "Della"
Gabrielle Semoine
as "Macy"
Steven Sullivan
as "The Voice"
Taylor Hale
as "Jen"


Mildred Word, Sandra Taylor, Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith, Dana & Mike Levering,

Harper Wood, Alex & Kaitlyn Dickerson and Robert Hill

Terrific New Theatre's Mission Statement

​The mission of Terrific New Theatre is to promote the presence of non-profit community theatre in Birmingham, Alabama, and the surrounding region, through presentation of a distinctive season of high-quality contemporary programs. In addition, TNT will act as a showcase for local talent and as a workshop/lab where theatre folk can experience hands-on participation.