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A note from Tam DeBolt

This news has been A LONG TIME COMING, but we are excited to announce that TNT has a new home! We always say that Terrific New Theatre is the place where you can expect the unexpected and this announcement is no different.

  • Our new zip code? 35203

  • Our new street? 5th Avenue NORTH - yep, right in the heart of Birmingham's Central City District.

  • Our new neighbors? The Redmont Hotel


ALL of us at TNT, and some very faithful & supportive community partners, have been searching for the perfect place to stage our reemergence. A couple of months ago I reported to the Board of Trustees, in my typical "spreadsheet" fashion, that we had been INSIDE OF sixty-eight buildings. Sixty-eight.

FINALLY the search team walked into what we knew was going to be our new home. It wasn't even FOR SALE, but we were looking at a building nearby and the real estate agent thought we should peek in the front windows. Perfect location, tons of parking, and 7,500 sq ft of glorious, undeveloped space to reinvent ourselves. With the help of Louise and John Beard, this building at 2112 5th Avenue North is OURS,'s all of ours, really. Isn't it? TNT's next task is to turn it into a wonderful, community theater ... a place that all of you can visit, a place that you can claim as your own, and a place that promises to serve you like it has for the last 37 years. Parts of it will look familiar and parts will be all new, but every square foot of it will be TNT. You can expect it.

Thank you, Birmingham, for keeping us in yours hearts, for donating along the way, and for constantly asking for news.


Our R3 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN launches July 27, 2023. It's HAPPENING!!!


With immeasurable gratitude,

Tam DeBolt
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