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Since TNT's early years, we have always recognized that support of the arts - from our patrons and our community - is critical for the survival of ALL theater in our city. TNT has many special people, businesses, and organizations that are providing the financial jolt we need to keep TNT, and our mission, a reality. We are adding to our list of supporters every day!!

LOUISE and JOHN BEARD stepped up to be the lead donors in our Relocate-Renovate-Reopen effort. Without their generosity, it's possible TNT would still be looking for the perfect home. Because of The Beards' belief in the power of the arts and their love of TNT, we are poised to reenter the theater scene in Birmingham in less than a year. As we like to say around here, "It's Happening!!"

Additional Support Provided by:

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Individual Supporters




   Louise & John Beard


   David E. Doggett & Dolores Hydock

      In honor of Tam DeBolt


   Edward Goldstein & Rachel Krantz

      In memory of Betty Allenberg Goldstein


   Amy Goldstein Chauvin & Jennifer Chauvin

      In memory of Betty Allenberg Goldstein

   Edward Goldstein & Rachel Krantz

      In memory of Betty Allenberg Goldstein

   Tom & Mary Ann Somers


   Hal & Judy Abroms

      In memory of Betty Allenberg Goldstein

   Al & Tracy Cohn

   Jeremy Erdreich & Larry Slater

   Rachel Marshall


   Andrew Duxbury

   Cathy & Paul Friedman

      In memory of Betty Allenberg Goldstein

   Nancy Whitt


   Laure & Kevin Bense

   Dr. Kim Ryne & Craig S. Crockard

   Jack & Wendy Evesque

   Betsy Faucette

   Lisa P. & Rad Gaines

   Paul Garrison

   Ward & Martha Haarbauer

   Kristi Tingle & David Higginbotham

   T. John Martin

   Jeff Pierson & Frank Hrabe

   Robert Raiford & Zane Rhoades

   Miriam Kirklin Reed

   The Sugar Babies

      In honor of Louise Beard

   Dr. Graham & Laura Elton Towns

   Rachael & Catherine Gail Upton

   Tonia Whatley

   Gail & Jake Word



   Christie Allred

   Mary Ambridge

   Margaret Arndt

   Keith Thompson Book

   Beverly Brasell

   Hansell G. Burke

   Melvin & Cathy Burres

   Audrey Cefaly

   Denise Cypress

   Betty Digges

   Norma Ann Dodd

   Marva Douglas

   Nancy Dunlap & John D. Johns

   Lindy Edwards

   Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith

   Linda & T. Mark Griggs

   Jack Heidt

   Mitchell Ives & Barbara Lutz

   Johnny & Jenny Ives

   Keith Johnson

   Rose Ann Kendrick

   Chuck Key

   John Manzelli

   Joseph Matchan

   Aubrey Nixon

   Cari Gisler Oliver

   Lisa & Mike Perez

   Dane Peterson

   David Reese

   Sally Reilly

   Josh Roberts

   Ken Saunders

   Debbie Smith

   Cynthia Stewart

   Charles Thompson & Mariann Schmitz

   Laura Turner

   Andrea Word

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