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Lucrece and Gerald have had a good marriage, in Lucrece's opinion. Late in life, they had one son, as they'd planned, and now, after watching Gerald recover from heart surgery, Lucrece has reminded Gerald of another thing they'd planned on: Getting a divorce. Lucrece has made her mind up, Gerald is being dogged into it at every turn (he did promise after all) but their son, Charlie, isn't so sure he can live with it. Set on top of the roof of Lucrece and Gerald's house, on a dairy farm in the small hills of north Mississippi, Lucrece explains how life goes on to her son, over a bottle of peppermint whiskey, and the importance of finally winning at the game of "What If."

Show Art: Delaine Derry Green
Colleen Bates Lance
G. Dwayne Johnson

TNT is honored to welcome T.K. Lee as our fourth playwright in this exciting, fall series. T.K. -  known as Kris - is an award-winning actor, director, playwright, and poet. He was born in Charleston, SC, but was reared mostly in Mississippi by his maternal great uncle.

He attempts at various times throughout the year to be a writer, actor, once-in-a-blue-moon-cabaret-artist, educator, fill-in-the-blank, and all-around good guy whose opinions differ drastically from his upbringing...and never fail to give him something to write about.


When he's not writing he's often found sharing his knowledge and insight with students at Mississippi University for Women, where he teaches in the MFA Program in Creative Writing.

Jackson Miller

THURSDAY, November 14

OPENING NIGHT post-show party

THURSDAY, November 21

Post-show talk back with Jack Allison


FRIDAY & SATURDAY, November 22 & 23

Meet the playwright, T.K. Lee!!!

He will be at the show both tonight's!!

SATURDAY, November 23 - Poetry at TNT

11am poetry reading by T.K. Lee

Join us, while you're at the Pepper Place market!

Your chance to meet this award-winning poet and get him to sign your copy of the book.

November 14 to 24, 2019


A Play by: T.K. Lee

Directed By: Barry Austin

Set Design: Mandy Thomas

Lighting Design: Scott Littleton

Thu, Fri, and Sat nights at 8:00

Sundays at 2:30

TICKETS are $25.

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