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TERRIFIC NEW THEATRE: 2112 5th Avenue North

Relocate  * Renovate  * Reopen

We have the building. We have design plans from an architect. We have a contractor. We are ready to go. Contact Tam or a TNT Board member to get your own tour of the new building. We want ALL OF YOU to see what will be the "new" Terrific New Theatre - - walk around, take pictures, dream a little, and look at the floor plans.

Be on the lookout for emails and social media blasts about how YOU can be a part of TNT's future. Donation packages are coming in the mail, emails are being sent, and online opportunities are being offered so that everyone has a chance to help this theatre come back to life in the heart of downtown Birmingham.

If you would like to make a donation BUT you want to avoid any online fees, you can send a check to:

Terrific New Theatre

PO Box 130368

Birmingham, AL  35213

If you want MORE details...just email Tam DeBolt. She can offer insight into the plans, show you renderings, and meet you at the building for a tour.

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Check out our BROCHURE!!
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As of June 1, 2024, here is an updated list of locations at the theatre that remain to be claimed:



















Effort will fund renovation of newly acquired building at 2112 5th Ave. N. in downtown Birmingham


Birmingham, AL (July 27, 2023) – Terrific New Theatre (TNT) is thrilled to announce the official launch of its highly anticipated fundraising initiative to build out and customize the former Alabama Auction Room building at 2112 5th Ave. N. Dubbed “R3 Capital Campaign: Relocate, Renovate, Reopen,” the historic endeavor aims to secure the future of one of the city's most beloved cultural institutions and set the stage for an exciting new act for TNT, which temporarily ceased in-person operations in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“This $1.9 million capital campaign will offer an opportunity for TNT’s loyal patrons, donors, sponsors and volunteers to invest in the theater’s long-term future, but it also provides the Board of Trustees an occasion to reach theater lovers and arts supporters throughout the Birmingham area who may not have previous history with TNT,” says Board President Chuck Evans. “TNT has never before embarked on a fundraising drive of this magnitude, but we are confident that Birmingham’s philanthropic community will answer the call and help us reach our goal. This community always seems to rally when someone has a need, especially when a nonprofit organization is the beneficiary.”


The key objectives of the R3 Capital Campaign are as follows:

  1. Relocate: On May 31, TNT announced the acquisition of the downtown building ­– across the street from the iconic Redmont Hotel – thanks to a generous gift by longtime donors Louise and John Beard. The 7,500-square-foot structure provides more than twice the square footage of the leased space at Pepper Place that TNT had called home for nearly 30 years prior to the pandemic. The new space will accommodate such amenities as a load-in bay, separate workshop for set-building, larger and more inviting dressing rooms for the actors, a bar that is separate from the box office, and laundry and kitchenette facilities, plus a beautifully appointed lobby. The relocation will enable the theatre to increase its impact on the local arts scene and attract even more diverse talent.

  2. Renovate: The spacious building is a blank page that must be turned into a theater. This is no small feat and will require extensive remodeling and redesign. 

  3. Reopen: TNT is committed to reopening its doors with a grand celebration, featuring an exceptional lineup of performances and events that will captivate audiences and demonstrate the vibrancy of the arts community. The theater anticipates reopening by fall 2024, although the timeline is subject to many variables.


“The R3 Capital Campaign represents an incredible opportunity for Terrific New Theatre to embark on a transformative journey,” says Executive Director Tam DeBolt. “We are committed to providing our audiences with an exceptional theater experience while fostering the talents of our local artists. With the community's support, we can achieve our vision of a modern, accessible, and thriving cultural hub. We invite everyone to join us in this exciting endeavor."

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JUNE 16, 2023 - UPDATE

  • Architects did a laser scan inside. The technology is unbelievable!!

  • Tam DeBolt and John Beard, benefactor for the project, were on TV together - - TWICE!! Once, with Sheldon Hagood (in the Fox6 studio) and again with Russell Jones (Fox6) on location.

  • Local photographer, David Garrett, contacted us and made a visit to the building to begin a photo series of the renovation project. He was inside and outside of the building this week, for his first photo shoot. EXCITING NEWS!!

  • Capital Campaign meetings are moving swiftly, and we will have THAT to announce soon. Mailers are being created, donation levels are defined, and we are even starting to see ONLINE gifts coming in. Thank you to our community.

  • Representatives from The City of Birmingham came to the building to find out more about our project. They were intrigued by what they saw, and we look forward to working with them.


New home of TNT comes after three-year search of metro Birmingham properties

Birmingham, AL (May 31, 2023) – Terrific New Theatre (TNT), a local nonprofit dedicated to high-quality, cutting-edge theater, is thrilled to announce that after three years of searching, it has acquired a downtown building to house its performance space and administrative operations. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the organization, which previously leased properties throughout its 37-year history in the Magic City.

TNT’s new home is a 7,500-square-foot, one-story building at 2112 5th Ave. N., formerly known as the Alabama Auction Room, which sits prominently across the street from the iconic Redmont Hotel.

John and Louise Beard, longtime supporters of TNT, purchased the building this month as a gift to the organization. This donation represents a significant portion of overall funds raised to date for the purpose of finding TNT a permanent home after the theater had to suspend operations mid-season in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“John and I are extremely happy to support TNT in acquiring this historic building at 2112 5th Avenue North,” Louise Beard says. “My love of Birmingham’s community theater was nurtured by Carl Stewart, an original TNT founder. Seeing TNT return to actively participate as one of Birmingham’s essential community theaters feeds my soul.”

The Beards worked with Harbert Realty Services to purchase the building.

“This strategic partnership between TNT, John and Louise Beard, and Harbert Realty Services is a testament to TNT's commitment to growth, innovation, and enriching the vibrant arts scene in the Birmingham community,” says TNT Executive Director Tam DeBolt.

Chuck Evans, president of the TNT Board of Trustees, says the hours of diligent work that DeBolt – as well as past and current board members and other supporters – have invested in the property search represent a true labor of love.

“This protracted process has been arduous at times, but keeping TNT alive has been worth every moment,” Evans says. “And there simply are not enough words to adequately thank John and Louise Beard for their generous donation and their continued dedication to and love for Terrific New Theatre.”

LIVE design group will be the architecture firm, and Locke General Contractors the construction firm, that will work with TNT throughout the building renovation process to create a dynamic and versatile performance venue. With the community's support, TNT anticipates opening for business in the remodeled building sometime in 2024.

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