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TERRIFIC NEW THEATRE has served Birmingham for over thirty years. Continuing the vision of Carl Stewart and Steve Stella, TNT operates with that model and continues to thrive. We are alive and well and coming at you with an EXCITING 34th season of laughter, surprises, and some TNT favorites. JOIN US!!
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PO Box 130368
Birmingham, AL  35213
Let's celebrate with a DOUBLE...a double DURANG, that is!
"Mrs. Sorken" + "Wanda's Visit"
LIVE, in your home
What a crazy week!!
"DOUBLE DURANG" is being moved to NEXT WEEK. Read more below or CLICK HERE.
We still have some episodes "in the can" from 2020! Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE to watch all of them.

Art by: Kevin Van Hyning

​​WE MISS YOU...there, we said it. We thought you might miss each other, too. So, available on our YouTube channel, you can watch Elise Mayfield and Tam DeBolt visit with surprise guests! And - - SUBSCRIBE to the channel, for more.

"Who's Zoomin' In?" is a 10-minute visit with someone we love. We want to find out what THEY have been doing and give our guests a chance to announce anything NEW that's coming up in their lives - shows, online projects, relocations, and more. At the end of each visit, we have 10 questions for our guest...just to find out a little bit more about them. Join us, won't you?

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Terrific New Theatre's Mission Statement

​The mission of Terrific New Theatre is to promote the presence of non-profit community theatre in Birmingham, Alabama, and the surrounding region, through presentation of a distinctive season of high-quality contemporary programs. In addition, TNT will act as a showcase for local talent and as a workshop/lab where theatre folk can experience hands-on participation.