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Terrific New Home for TERRIFIC NEW THEATRE

Front of Building.png

Lots of behind-the-scenes work has been going on in the TNT world and it's time you should know that -


FUTURE HOME OF Terrific New Theatre (left)

2112 5th Avenue North (35203)

We will be right in the heart of Birmingham's Central City District, just across the street from the Redmont Hotel.

2023-09-18 Naming Chart.JPG

CONVOY WRAPS and Matt Whaley made a second banner for TNT, hanging it on the side of the building for the one-way traffic to see.

(July 28, 2023)

LOCKE GENERAL CONTRACTORS hung our first "Future Home" banner on the front of building in time for our May 31st announcement.

UPDATED: September 19, 2023

This thermometer does not show any matching funds...yet. As of today, our matching gifts TOTAL $113,229. Any gift of $1000 or more is matched by an anonymous donor - up to $350,000.


to our


TERRIFIC NEW THEATRE has served Birmingham for over 35 years. Continuing the vision of Carl Stewart and Steve Stella, TNT operates with that model and continues to thrive. We are alive and well and coming back strong in 2024 - in a new location.
JOIN US, won't you?
If you are online "savvy", click on the link above to offer
YOUR gift to Terrific New Th

If you would prefer a check, send it to our PO Box:
PO Box 130368
Birmingham, AL  35213
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