Show Art: Delaine Derry Green
March 5 - April 4, 2020

A Doll's House

    Henrik Ibsen, adaptation by Thornton Wilder

A Doll's House, Part 2

    Lucas Hnath

Directed By: David Strickland


Thu, Fri, and Sat nights at 8:00

Sundays at 2:30

TICKETS are $25.

Lucrece and Gerald have had a good marriage, in Lucrece's opinion. Late in life, they had one son, as they'd planned, and now, after watching Gerald recover from heart surgery, Lucrece has reminded Gerald of another thing they'd planned on: Getting a divorce. Lucrece has made her mind up, Gerald is being dogged into it at every turn (he did promise after all) but their son, Charlie, isn't so sure he can live with it. Set on top of the roof of Lucrece and Gerald's house, on a dairy farm in the small hills of north Mississippi, Lucrece explains how life goes on to her son, over a bottle of peppermint whiskey, and the importance of finally winning at the game of "What If."

Colleen Bates Lance
G. Dwayne Johnson
Jackson Miller
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