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Terrific New Theatre presents its first show since MARCH 2020.


There is so much that could be said about this play, these characters, the playwright, and the TNT team that is putting it together. Keep your eye on our FACEBOOK page and INSTAGRAM for inside stuff about the process and the magic. Here's what we CAN tell you about CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION:

You get to eavesdrop on a Creative Drama class at the local, community center in Shirley, Vermont. Five residents go on a journey filled with unlikely connections and intertwined relationships. We quickly learn that the real drama isn’t always onstage. What could possibly go wrong?

We have been cooking up a plan to present a show...building or NO building. It was time for TNT to get back on the live-performance scene in Birmingham and we found a PERFECT place and a PERFECT play for you.

Circle Mirror Transformation is a story that takes place in a windowless rehearsal room. We talked to our friends at THE DANCE FOUNDATION and they threw open their hearts and their doors. So, here we are!!
DIRECTED BY: David Strickland

CAST, listed alphabetically:
Kelsey Crawford
Tam DeBolt
Stephen Mangina
Gracie Marble
* Alan Litsey

STAGE MANAGER: Nicole Roberts
LIGHTING DESIGN: Scott Littleton

*Alan is appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity
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